terça-feira, maio 08, 2012

There’s no booth at the end
No last chance
There’s nothing there for us, nothing to hope for
No one awaits for me

What if the dreams came true
And the angels started singin’
But there’s no booth at the end
So, no last chance

No goodbye nor farewell
We just left, search somewhere else
I ain’t be who I could be
No desire to be the best I can
Maybe I’m just a bad guy, no good at all
Or a good boy stuck in a sad world
The truth is there’s no way when life gets to you
And life is what happens while you’re busy making up you fake garden
‘Cuz you know just as good as I do there’s no point in aimlessly wish you were different
There’s no good feelings about being who you don’t wanna, but only if you know who you are

Maybe I should blindly pick an objective and play my life like a card game
Maybe life isn’t meant to be serious at all
But what I know is
Life is what happens while you’re busy pretending to be something else.

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